Mud Exploration and Creativity

This week was all about big body mud exploration and enjoying the sunshine. The group revisited their log bridge over the marsh, with Elephant and Mountain using sticks to fish from their pier. We also painted the Burrow, sharing paints with friends and adding splashes of color to celebrate spring. (Moose and Elephant figure out they can reach the tippy top branches of the fort by standing on our wooden stump chair). They asked big questions about the change of seasons and noticed signs of spring in the forest--the pond is changing colors, the sled is really heavy on mud, and wet boots do not feel too comfortable but are absolutely worth jumping in puddles for. 


Mountain, Elephant, and Asteroid share colors and discover the puddle behind them is perfect for rinsing paint brushes.


Elephant takes a mighty leap off of the log bridge and splashes in the muddy marsh.


Hedgehog uses his shovel to dig Mountain out of the stucky mud!


Moose climbs a stump to reach the higher branches, while Hedgehog and Millipede work together to decorate the doorway to our fort.