Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Mondays sticky snow made for excellent building material! We hiked to the Mountain in Theodore Wirth, expecting to easily slide down the freshly covered hill, but instead found big clumps sticking to our boots as we scooted down. Hedgehog began rolling the snow with his feet and formed the biggest snowball we’ve ever seen! The group worked together to roll it up over the final lip and onto the trail. Millipede cheered “teamwork makes the dream work” as we used all of our strength to push and lift together. We felt so proud to look up and see the trail of leaves we left behind all the way at the top of the Mountain.

We revisited the Mountain later in the week and were amazed to see nearly all traces of snow gone! Elephant pretended to slide backwards down the leaves and reaches her arms out for rescue.

File_006 (10).jpeg
File_005 (13).jpeg