Drop Painting

Our group developed our fine motor skills by painting with pipettes this week! We shared colors, and talked about how they mixed together both in our pipettes and on the paper. We noticed that when you use the pipette to suction water OFF of our papers, you reveal the layered pathways the paint traveled down the page. As we watched the movement of the paint, the group made comparisons from rivers to asteroids, oceans to shooting stars. 


Hedgehog and Mountain focus on the bubbles that form from the air leftover in the pipette--they carefully transfer them onto their page, watching the bubbles pop as you add more color.


Millipede released blue onto her page, watching how it joins the other streams move down toward the rock that's holding down her artwork from the wind.


Asteroid's finished piece. She points out each swirl and river as she waits for the dots to dry in the sun before picking it up.