Week of the Young Child

Our group celebrated Week of the Young Child with special projects each day. We followed the daily prompts with easy, hands-on learning activities that the children can revisit with their families to encourage exploration of different learning domains at home! The group loved working together and interacting with household materials in new ways. 

Since we don’t have school Mondays, we combined Music Monday with Tasty Tuesday by using beans, rice, quinoa, and alphabet noodles to make musical shakers out of toilet paper rolls! We experimented with how the different sized fillers sounded together.

Work Together Wednesday: The group became fully immersed in our community clean-up project, using tongs to pick up trash around our forest and Bryn Mawr Elementary. The group talked about how good it felt to be helpers for our community and environment. 

Artsy Thursday: We tried out coffee filter art by first coloring with markers, and then spraying water to watch the colors spread! (It worked okay, but we will definitely try this one again with some brand new markers for brighter colors). They loved this super easy project!