Earth Day & Black Lives Matter

Our group went on several Bassett's Creek adventures, spent time by the pond (we saw so many turtles!), played in the log area, and even planted seeds for Earth Day. The favorite activity, though, was definitely writing Earth Day signs to display in the school forest. The small group came up with their own phrases, asking to see the words written down and then copying them onto their signs. We took some time looking at how the letters are formed and learned so much about the similarities between letters like R, K, and P. 

Moose had the idea to add "Black Lives Matter" on their signs, leading into a discussion about the recent events in Minneapolis. The group felt good about expressing their support for both our community and planet.


Moose has the idea to write "Black Lives Matter" on his Earth Day sign, asking for the words to be spelled out so he can copy them.


Millipede shows Mountain her completed sign!


Arctic Fox proudly displays her Earth Day sign that says, "Love Earth. Don't Litter". She came up with the phrase herself and copied the words after seeing them written down. 


Arctic Fox helps Mountain write the words "Don't Litter" and "Black Lives Matter", explaining how the letters are formed and underlining them as they go.