Birding + Worm Habitats

Spring is here! We spent the first half of the week building bug homes in small containers, turning over the logs in the Burrow and noticing the different beetles, millipedes, worms, and rolly-pollies that live in the soil there. The group talked about what each insect eats and added fresh leaves and dirt/mud to their cups. On Wednesday we introduced binoculars, and the group explored birding! We listened for bird songs and woodpecker sounds, though we mostly observed black-capped chickadees and a few squirrels.


On Thursday, the group sought out the baby owl that was perched outside of Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. We were able to observe both baby and grown up owls in their tree, sharing the binoculars to try and spy the nest (we couldn't find it). We saw so many fresh flower buds in the garden and even spotted our first frog of the season. 


The group is excited to find so many bugs under the stumps! They build homes out of recycled containers before returning the insects to where they belong. 


The group looks up at the owl baby outside of Eloise Butler. Mountain, Arctic Fox, and Hedgehog get closer while the others have a turn with the binoculars. 


Elephant, Arctic Fox, and Asteroid find flowers and patterns on the scavenger hunt handout at Eloise Butler, sharing their observations and pointing out what they find (something blooming, a single flower, moss, seed pods, etc.)


Millipede, Mountain, and Elephant play a silly capture game while waiting for their turn.