Mud Adventure

The highlight of our week was finding a swamp of boot sucking mud at the deepest point of what we call Deer Valley in Theodore Wirth. Arctic Fox and Moose are the first to get stuck, and their friends run over to join the excitement and get stuck themselves. The longer they stand or sit in the mud, the stronger the suction on their boots! Hedgehog coaches his friends to twist their bodies to loosen the suction, but eventually Teacher Elizabeth is called in on a firefighter rescue mission to lift, pull, and drag the class out of their boots and to safety. The group uses measurement, spatial awareness, scientific thinking, and their imaginations to navigate the sticky situation.


Hedgehog and Millipede problem solve on how to rescue their friends, and build a bridge of sticks to walk across the muddy pit. (Arctic Fox leans forward on her knees, and is not as deeply absorbed as she looks)


Moose loses a boot in his effort to scoot backwards out, and calls for help dragging him out.