Animal Habitats

This week we explored different habitats through blocks and animal figures and by visiting Bassett's Creek. We saw so many creatures, including frogs, garter snakes, field mice, snails, clams, and hawks. We also took care of our school environment by watering trees and the plants growing in the courtyard.


The group constructs homes and bridges with wooden blocks and popsicle sticks, sharing materials and negotiating trades. 


Hedgehog reflects on the animals we've seen, collaborating with the teacher on a journal illustration of them and the frogs we saw along our hike. He adds a tree to show the frog's environment.


Mountain observes the small creatures swimming in her water sample that she collected from the creek. She adds snail shells and notices how the creatures share a habitat. 


We also explored symmetry at the beginning of the week, painting on one side of the paper then folding and smooshing the paper so the same image is transferred.