Animal Connections

We had a short but busy week, visiting the pond to look for frogs and pulling garlic mustard from along Woodpecker Way. The group became fully committed to pulling the invasive species, getting excited everytime we saw any of the tall white flowers along the trails. We were also visited by Naturalist Emily (and Webber) for Critter Connections on Wednesday, and released a butterfly with Teacher Jen's group that we felt symbolized this past year of growth and learning. It has been grounding to feel a part of the forest during this season of changes.


Hedgehog and Moose watch as the butterfly that overwintered all school year finally hatches and flies away!


Asteroid, Arctic Fox, and Moose look for frogs along the goopy edge of the pond.


Asteroid and Elephant lead the planting efforts in the Burrow, filling the spaces where we pulled garlic mustard with native forest species.


Mountain carefully holds Webber during Critter Connections.