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February 11 - 14

The Circle of Life

We are continuing to explore the life cycles of animals in our nature center as well as creatures, predator and prey, we encounter out in the wild. After learning that our animal teacher Butter the Snake had died, children were able to participate in a number of activities to help us talk about our feelings around loss, ask questions about death and honor our dear friend. 

The conversations we've had around caring for the animals in our Critter Connection classes have lead us to further discuss potential plans for our very own classroom pet. Stay tuned as we continue to develop and build on each other's ideas to make this dream a reality!

Teacher Sarah reads the story "Good-Byes" before sharing the news of Butter the Snake's passing with the nature kids.
Ant, Pumpkin and Caterpillar add flowers and snake skin to the altar. 
Teacher Erin and a group of children build snake mazes with building blocks, using pipe cleaners as the snakes.
Teacher Jill, Mouse and Hedgehog take a closer look at a tuft of fur and spots of blood Ladybug discovered at
Beaver Beach.
Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.23.01
Fur found at Beaver Beach. Children believe it may belong to a rabbit.
We found a dead fish and fresh wing prints along the shore of the river at Beaver Creek. Teacher Jill listens to Jellyfish's theories about what happened here. 
Jellyfish's journal entry from February 14, 2020.
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