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February 4 - 7

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Caterpillar navigates the open water by balancing on an iceberg. 
Grandma Kris was our Reading Round-Up volunteer this week. She brought a kangaroo with a book about kangaroos. Pumpkin, Eagle and Snowflake are eager to listen. 
Moose drives a group of Nature Kids around town on his bus. 

This week we saw the return of the sunshine we have all been wanting to see! With the warm-up we had last weekend, we had a lot of melted water that re-froze, creating lots of opportunity for ice cracking. There was also ample opportunity to use our skills we've been developing to walk carefully on icy paths. 

On Friday, we celebrated the Super Snow Full Moon that will be happening on Sunday night. Keep an eye out for it! From now until May the full moons will all be "super" moons. That means they will appear brighter and bigger than normal. 

Ladybug, Icicle, Jellyfish, Snowflake and Hedgehog crush ice on the pond all morning. They use their hands and feet to break up all the loose ice. Many journal entries revolve around ice crushing and slipping and sliding this week. 
This group of Nature Kids discovered a new pond with fresh ice to crack. They also created a catapult to fling children into the air. Autumn says, "I'm going to go skydiving. I need my helmet!"
A group of Nature Kids read about the snow with Teacher Sarah who poses as the Super Snow Full Moon.
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