Finding a Class Pet

A message from Teacher Jill

Good morning Nature Kids! When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals SO much. I was really lucky to have a lot of animals when I was your age. We have all been taking such good care of Box, Sparkles, and Mr. Hoo Hoo that I think it’s time to talk about what class pet we should choose! Today, please look at all 7 pet posters we made at nature preschool last week and choose the pet you would like to have in the classroom. If you don’t see the pet you like, you can choose a different one. 


Tell us some stuff about your pet:

-What type of pet is your choice?

-What kind of habitat does it need?

-What kind of food does it eat?

-Would the pet be able to fit in our classroom?


Next, make a video of you explaining your choice for a pet OR journal about your pet and have an adult help you write down your answers.