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Food Faces


How are you feeling today?

Happy, silly, angry, sad, confused, excited? Maybe you feel more than one feeling!


Can you show your feelings with your face? How about with your food? Today you get to make food faces!


Here are some suggestions for how to make a food face:


  • Imagine you’re going to make an art collage. Start with a food that can be your “paper,” like a piece of bread, tortilla, rice cake, bagel, or cracker.

  • Choose something to spread on top, like hummus, cream cheese, or nut butter. This will be your glue.

  • I used cut up vegetables to make the facial features on my food faces, but you could use fruit, cheese, marshmallows, or whatever food you have at home. Be creative!


You might like to take a picture of yourself with your food face. Share your photos with us and let us know how you feel!

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