Welcome Grateful Ground Squirrels!

Hello Squirrel Friends!

My name is Sarah and I am the Creative Specialist here at Minneapolis Nature Preschool. This school year, I am offering my service as an outdoor playworker for your family. I can't wait for our adventures to begin! As an educator, my values are centered on intention, resilience, play, kindness and reflection. Each day we will make time for breathing in (quiet observation) and breathing out (active play). We will be emphasizing sensory and experiential immersion in nature to build within ourselves, and in our community, a space for developing initiative, invention, persistence, collaboration and problem solving. While this year has been unlike any other we've experienced, we are in this together! I am honored to be one more support person cheering you and your family on! We got this!

Meet Grace

Grace is a 10 year old rising fifth-grader and all around amazing person who will be our leadership mentor this year. That means she'll be hanging out with us, playing with us and leading activities. Grace's favorite color is pink, she loves bunny rabbits and her favorite outdoor activity is looking for monarch caterpillars to raise butterflies. 

How is Forest School different from Nature Preschool?

If we think of early childhood education (ranging from 2-8 years old) on a continuum, traditional school settings would be on one side of the spectrum; providing a highly structured classroom with teacher-led instruction and scripted teaching.


On the other side of the spectrum is the forest school model, which emphasizes an outdoor experience centered on child-initiated play and exploration of the natural world with the active presence and support of teachers and playworkers who assure physical, social and emotional well-being and scaffold the structure of the day. Forest school is typically 100% outdoors and gives children the freedom to take risks and build knowledge using multiple senses and intelligences.


Nature preschool falls somewhere in the middle; providing a playful classroom, both indoors and outdoors, with focused learning and child-led inquiry and play. 

Did You Know?

Ground squirrels are members of the squirrel family of rodents that live on or in the ground, rather than trees. Marmots, prairie dogs and chipmunks are also part of the ground squirrel family!

I am not a ground squirrel, I live in the trees, but check out my cool mask!

My Teaching Specialties




Mindfulness Meditation

Environmental Education

Tracking and Wilderness Skills

Two of my favorite nature school activities are building campfires and making music!