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January 28 - 31, 2020

The Quinzee

Recently the weather has been ideal for creating snow structures! Our naturalist friend, Res, built a quinzee across from the Welcome Woods that the Nature Kids have been enjoying this week. We have two rules for the quinzee: a maximum of three people at a time can be inside and no climbing on top!

The quinzee has provided a wonderful context for all sorts of learning. Children are exercising their creativity (pretend play and art), math skills (counting how many kids are inside), social skills (taking turns, following rules, reminding each other of expectations, conflict resolution), executive functioning skills (patience, self-control) and so much more.


Nature Kids play in and around the quinzee. Caterpillar, Acorn and Ant wait for their turn. Snowflake peeks inside through a hole in the wall. Hedgehog, Icicle and Eagle spray colored water on the quinzee. 


Ant crawls out of the quinzee carrying food for a hungry monster. 


Snowflake guards the entrance to the quinzee while Ant, Caterpillar and Pumpkin play inside. 


Jellyfish uses a spray bottle and observes what happens to the snow when he sprays purple water on it. 


Caterpillar waits for his turn in the quinzee. 

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