Hello, I am Teacher Jen.  Welcome to our "Nest" at Minneapolis Nature Preschool. I'm so excited to embark on this journey together and discover where it will take us. 

As our adventure begins, my daughter Addie is preparing to leave our home “nest” and spread her wings as she begins her college career at the University of Minnesota. I am originally from Philadelphia and moved to Minneapolis 20 years ago, via NYC, DC, & Reno, NV. I began my career as an Interpretive Naturalist at the Bronx & National Zoos, and most recently served as the Family Programs Coordinator at the Minnesota Zoo, where I’ve been teaching for the past 20 years. Early Childhood Education has been a priority and passion of mine throughout my experience as a zoo educator. Thank you for this opportunity to share the awe and wonder of our natural world with your children, sparked by their innate curiosity and connection with nature, while also fostering future stewards of our fragile planet.


Having grown up watching the TV show, I graduated from college and joined the stage production of Sesame Street. Little did I know that its educational philosophy and culture of inclusion would continue to be so relevant today. I look forward to instilling those same lifelong values in the hearts and minds of your early learners at Minneapolis Nature Preschool.

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Every child at Minneapolis Nature Preschool has a letter link, which is a symbol that corresponds to the beginning letter and sound of the child's name. Children have a natural attachment to their own names, so letter links provide a way to introduce letter names and sounds in a way that is meaningful to children. We use letter links to label children's journals and other belongings, as well as to inspire enriching and engaging literacy activities!