Our Nest

We had a great first week of Autumn Nature Camp! We settled into our “Nest”, and talked a lot about different kinds and sizes of nests, including birds, wasps, squirrels, and gorillas! We also decorated our nest with leaf garlands.


Shell brought a fun book to share, called “Big Hid“, about a big turtle/tortoise and little squirrel. Then we separated big and little sticks in preparing a spot for our sand pile.


The team of Katydid, Evergreen, and Jack-in-the-Pulpit cooperated to empty sand by the shovelful into the spot we chose. They predicted how many scoops it would take, as well as how high the pile would be when they finished.


Alligator and Worm discussed, planned, illustrated, and prepared supper together for their “babies”; while Shell worked on constructing a “playground” for the babies.


Once the seesaw/teeter totter was discovered, it preoccupied a good deal of time and energy, as the group explored the concepts of levers and fulcrums. Some of the exclamations I overheard during the collaborative process were:

“We need more weight!”

“We need more force!”

“Try three on that that side.”

“I’m the heaviest!”

“We’re even!”

The group also experimented with switching positions and moving farther away and closer to the center, as well as changing the position of the lever. 


The highlight of our week was spotting a buck in the woods! The children noticed it on their own, and stood quietly and respectfully in awe for several minutes before we hurried on our way to parent pickup (sorry we were late!). 

Levers and Fulcrums



Physics of a Seesaw

Soup for Supper

Worm's leaf garland

A deer