Secret Places

We began the first week of autumn with a conversation about our favorite fall activities. Alligator is looking forward to going to the apple orchard and Shell can’t wait to make and eat a pumpkin pie. Jack-in-the-pulpit has fun jumping in piles of leaves and Katydid enjoys painting pumpkins with a squeegee bottle, while Evergreen really liked making a tie dye t-shirt at home.

We explored more of the forest this week and discovered some secret places- a secret mountain and secret stage- that became our superhero headquarters, prompting lots of creativity and imagination in our dramatic play throughout the week. Nature Girl/Wonder Woman, Lightning Boy, Batman #1, Batman #2, and Dungeon of the Rats have established themselves as the Trooper Trappers Team!

Later we talked about some animal ‘superpowers’ like bat/whale echolocation; a shark’s sense of smell; a hawk or eagle’s keen eyesight; and an owl’s sense of hearing. Speaking of owls, I included a photo of some owl nature art that our superheroes were not super enthusiastic about at the time, but may be more interested in doing at home. Another fun fall family activity is making homemade applesauce. We read a book called “Apple Days”, and I promised your children that I’d share Katy’s applesauce recipe, which can be found here.


We ended the week with some flotation experimentation at the pond. All of the leaves and sticks floated, so we decided to test bigger, heavier sticks and predicted they would sink; however, the only one that did was an already waterlogged piece of wood. We’ll continue to make predictions and test our hypotheses in the coming weeks!

We missed you, Worm, and hope you’re back next week!

Alligator the Entomologist! We noticed it looked like a leaf which helped it camouflage, and it also had wings. Zoom in to her thumb to see the (stink) bug we discovered.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit tests a bigger stick to see if it floats.

Evergreen made a fossil!

Shell clears the secret stage we discovered.

Secret Headquarters!

Nature Art!

Selecting bigger/heavier sticks to test in the pond.

Playing with Patterns