Our Wonderful Colorful World!

What a beautiful week to immerse ourselves in nature! We ventured farther into the woods than we have before and made it to the creek bed, which is currently dry. We wondered why that was and guessed that it may be because of all of the fallen leaves, or because we haven’t had as much rain lately. Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Shell found a “mammoth” to ride there among the uprooted trees! On Wednesday we made a rainbow with what we collected on a color scavenger hunt. Later, we tried out our new tools (magnifying glasses) and measured some trees by the pond. Teacher Tam spent the day on Thursday and the children were inspired to journal about the creepy crawlies they discovered under logs and the ducks they observed on the pond. They also created some beautiful nature art with flowers and leaves!

We missed Alligator, Katydid, & Evergreen and look forward to having everyone back together next week ; )

Our rainbow!

Worm’s green collection

Shell & Jack-in-the-Pulpit’s red collection

Riding a mammoth!

Measuring trees