Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail stopped us this week! The fresh blanket of snow was the perfect canvas for painting and also provided the secret ingredient for multi-colored ‘cupcakes’ and rainbow ‘ice cream’. 

Shell celebrated his birthday with orange cupcakes. Katydid noticed that when he mixed yellow with green, his cupcakes turned light green; while Evergreen mixed yellow and blue to make green. The ‘ice house’ was a cozy respite for stories and journaling between tree-planting and hiking. Everyone is becoming very familiar with and comfortable in the forest (even in extreme conditions), leading the way to the ‘mammoth’, or to where we had planted trees, and then finding our way back to base camp. We’ve also been working together to fill up a ‘kindness bucket’, by remembering to be kind to each other and noticing when our words and actions are kind, which also helped to keep us warm this week!

5 cupcakes for 5 years old!

Rainbow ice cream!

Tree-planting with Alyson!

Guarding the ‘castle’!