Climbing a Mountain

This week was full of big gross motor movement! Not only did everyone reach the top of the ‘mountain’ pictured below, but Teacher Elizabeth’s class of experienced trail guides led us on an adventure to one of their favorite places-the stick fort in the white pine woods. Next week we plan to go back on our own to spend more time there. On these hikes, we also searched for animal footprints in the mud and snow and tried to identify them based on the clues we found.


Another highlight of our week together was meeting “Clover” and “Skipper”, the toads that Naturalist Emily brought from Kroening Interpretive Center. Everyone had a chance to touch and hold a toad if they wanted to, and everyone did!

We were all very proud of ourselves when we made it to the top of this ‘mountain’!

Track detectives discussing what they decided were bird tracks after a thorough investigation!

Meeting Naturalist Emily and the toads!