Archaeological Discovery!

We ended Autumn Nature Camp with an amazing archaeological find of mysterious bones near our basecamp! Please see the comments from the archaeologists on the scene who made the exciting discovery:

“Architects call these fossils.” -A

“I’m an archaeologist.” -S

“I think those are the arms, or maybe the legs.” -W

“I think they are from one of those red dinosaurs that bump their heads together.” -K

“I think this is a neck fossil.” -A

“I think they all connect together.” -K

We have not drawn any conclusions yet, but stay tuned...

Our first discovery! Then we found 3 more bones.

We also met two animals this week during “Critter Connections”! Naturalist Emily brought a map turtle named “Webber”, and Teacher Sharon introduced us to her family pet corn snake named “Doodle”. 

We will miss our friends who will not be joining us for Winter Camp, and look forward to seeing those who will be coming back very soon ; )

“Webber” the map turtle

A new favorite place we call “Circle Pines”