Grateful to be back in the woods this week!

We continued to discuss the bones that we found when we were last together. We noticed that the shape of the skull is similar to the shape of a deer’s head, and that the openings for the eyes are in the place where a deer’s would be. When examining the teeth, we did not see any sharp canine teeth for eating meat; so we decided that this animal must have been a plant-eater, or herbivore (also consistent with  our deer theory). 

We discovered a new birch bark mailbox at the Nest and received a note from “Meristem”, along with clues to lead us to their home. While we have our suspicions, we’ll look for more mail next week to help narrow down our search...

We’re also keeping track of the ice formation on the pond, and did some tests to determine if it is safe to walk on yet (it isn’t). 

Sharing what we’re most thankful for was another topic of conversation; and among many things, we’re grateful to have Mushroom as a new member of our group, and look forward to welcoming Shell back on Tuesday!

Mail from Meristem!

Is this Meristem’s home?

Testing the ice