Season of Giving

Unfortunately my week was cut short due to a stomach bug, but it sounds like a good time was had with Teachers Sharon and Maia!

On Tuesday, we decided to extend the spirit of Thanksgiving and made gifts of appreciation for our schoolmates at the Burrow basecamp. They have been working long and hard on building an awesome stick ‘wall’, so we decorated our own sticks with ribbon and added them to the wall when they were on a hike...shhh, it’s a secret! We hope to continue random acts of kindness throughout this month ; )

On Wednesday with Teacher Sharon, we practiced excavating like real archaeologists using shovels, tweezers, and brushes. Ask your children if they found anything to add to last month’s exciting archaeological discoveries on their expedition with Teacher Maia!

Still haven’t found Meristem’s home, but I heard that we received another note with more clues in our mailbox!