The Trooper Trappers Team received another note from Meristem this week! They followed the pine and pink petal path to a 4 inch blue door at the base of a tree (see photos below). Katydid was the first to exclaim, “I see a door!”;  and to our delight and surprise, there were 6 ‘eggs’ inside when Mushroom opened the door! After much excitement and enthusiastic discussion, Alligator decided it would be best to make a nest to keep her egg safe and warm, in case Meristem’s babies were inside the eggs. A few of the others agreed and carefully constructed soft and cozy nests lined with pine needles. Others felt that a pocket would be the safest place to hide their eggs from predators. We’ll wait patiently to see if our eggs hatch, and if there is more to the Meristem mystery...


Our feelings and emotions were another topic of conversation this week. After reading the “Color Monster”, we expressed how we were feeling in colorful paintings. We also spent some time in the Oak Savanna after discovering the Solstice Spiral that Teacher Pam’s group created. This will be the site of our Winter Solstice Celebration next week!

A blue door!


Evergreen feels happy ; )

M & J opt for hands-on painting!

Alligator feels calm and loved ; )