Snow Much Fun!

Oh what fun to return to a winter wonderland! This week was all about gross motor play in the snow, from mountain climbing and shoveling to sliding down snow banks like otters and sledding on the big hill. We could also finally ‘skate’ on the frozen pond and crawl across it on the giant tree trunk. This is where Shell discovered a possible home for beavers! Before we got any closer, Alligator cautioned us to be quiet so that we wouldn’t disturb or scare the beaver family. To determine if it is an actual beaver home, we read stories, looked at photos, and built our own lodges and dams as research. 

When we closely examined pictures of beaver footprints for comparison, Jack-in-the-Pulpit observed that beavers have 5 toes like us, and Mushroom thought the prints looked “just like humans!” However, Katydid noticed that the tracks around the lodge did not have 5 toes, so we have more investigating to do...

Climbing back up the mountain after sliding down like otters!

Relaxing in the ‘hot tub’!

Busy beavers constructing lodges and dams.