Groundhog, Woodchuck, or Whistle Pig?

All of the above! These are all names for the same animal that we celebrate on February 2nd. This year, the groundhog saw its shadow, predicting 6 more weeks of winter. We couldn’t find our shadows on Tuesday, but we measured our bodies and guessed how tall our shadows would be. Then when it was bright and sunny on Wednesday, we measured our shadows and found them to be 40 inches longer than our bodies! We also noticed that sometimes our shadows are in front of us, in back of us, or beside us. On Thursday, some of us were lookout groundhogs, warning the others that there was danger close by, like a hungry fox or hawk, and they should run and hide in their burrows!

We returned to one of our favorite forest spots in the fall, “The Mammoth”, and noticed all of the changes there. It looked like the Ice Age!

We also welcomed a new friend to our group and an old friend back, and look forward to seeing Jack-in-the-Pulpit next week ; )


Warming our mittens by the campfire at snack time.


Rediscovering “The Mammoth”.


Lookout groundhog and new member of the Trooper Trappers Team!