Spring Fever

Everyone was excited to see open water at school this week! There was debate as to whether it was a giant puddle, pond, or river, but we’ve settled on river (for now). On day one, we did some safety-testing by throwing ice balls near & into the water to see how close we could get. We also measured its depth w/ sticks to be sure we could stand in it. The ‘river’ provided lots of opportunity for teamwork and collaboration. Our group worked together to build a bridge that also served a dual purpose as a fish trapper. 

While some were working on a ‘vehicle’ for safe travel, Katydid noticed something “amazing”! When he poured water from the river onto the ice vehicle, it turned from dirty, brown ice to clean, white ice. We’ll be observing more properties of ice as it melts, as well as other signs of spring approaching. We talked about what to expect in and near the water as it gets warmer, from tadpoles & turtles waking up from hibernation to birds returning from their winter vacations ; )

There was lots of baking and other kitchen activity with Teacher Sarah on Thursday, as well as maze-designing with sticks! 


Bridge/Fish Trapper


Future engineers!


The vehicle


J & D observing the ‘river’ from a distance


Maze construction