Springing  to Life

This week began on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, so we read, “Oh the Places You’ll Go”, and practiced some rhyming. Alligator pointed out that Dr. Seuss also used similes in his stories and shared a few with us. An Andy Goldsworthy-esque snow sculpture morphed into a bird’s nest, and Dragonfly advised us to make it very strong using mud. Katydid informed us that birds use anything they can find to build their nests, and added some grass to make it even stronger. This prompted us to look and listen for birdsthroughout the week. We noticed chickadees, a cardinal, and a woodpecker, and heard many others that we tried to identify using this resource from the DNR, Minnesota Bird Songs. 

Now that the snow & ice are melting, we’re rediscovering our favorite places to climb. Alligator helped guide Worm and Dragonfly when they were a bit tentative. Evergreen also used a stick to help Dragonfly climb back up one of the slippery snow banks, so there’s a lot of helping others and cooperation happening ;-) Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Evergreen also rediscovered the seesaw that we assembled in the Fall. We’re becoming more and more observant of the seasonal changes, and will continue to witness new life springing up around us, like the new shoots in the courtyard! 


Our favorite tree to climb in “The Nest”


New friendships


Our seesaw!