Savoring the Snow

We’ve observed the snow mountains shrinking and receding more each day; but before they completely melt away, we took advantage of the last bit of winter. With the ‘river’ running between the two mountains, there was so much nature play to be had! Worm and Alligator designed the most elaborate home for the babies so far. The deer, fox & wolf families (plastic toys) had one more romp in the snow, and we imprinted some animal tracks in the mud and snow. We noticed the claw marks in the prints of the dog family members, but not the cats, since cats can retract their claws.

We made the most of the rainy day by painting in and with the rain, on our paper and on the remaining ice by the pond. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos because of the heavy rain, but you could see the excitement on their faces at pick up time! Dragonfly wanted to do it again the next day, but it was sunny on Thursday. I’m pretty sure we’ll have lots more rain for rain painting this spring ;-)


Alligator explaining the ‘rules’ to the group game they invented.


Worm and Alligator’s imaginative play