Snow Volcanoes!

This week definitely ended on a high note... with snow volcanoes! The seismologists worked in pairs to create their mountain landscapes, then took turns adding baking soda and vinegar which caused the reaction that made the volcanoes erupt with hot lava. Some also added moats or tunnels to direct the lava flow (see photos below). Later, Dragonfly mixed another muddy concoction and poured it on the ground saying, “I made a reaction”!

Leprechaun traps, pirate ships and bear caves were also topics of interest this week, as well as continued river exploration and excavation of the melting snow mountain. The Trooper Trappers Team of superheroes was back at it again on a mission to protect themselves from a hungry bear waking up from hibernation. We also heard honking overhead as a pair of geese returned from their winter vacation. We’re looking forward to noticing more returning migrators and waking hibernators as we officially welcome spring next week!


Trooper Trappers Team on top of a bear cave ready for action!


Seismologists studying snow volcano eruptions


Superheroes warming up with some martial arts moves led by Alligator


Even superheroes need a break to soak in some sun ; )