Spring Showers and First Flowers

Two days of puddle jumping followed by bud bursting were among the highlights of the week! Seemingly overnight, the spring rain revealed so many different shades of green: grass and moss and new leaf buds everywhere. Alligator & Worm discovered the bursting purplish elder buds first, as well as several just about to burst; so we are anticipating many more when we return on Tuesday. We've been patiently awaiting for the flowers in the courtyard to bloom and finally witnessed the bright yellow daffodils on Thursday. We'll continue to appreciate all of the beautiful colors of springtime in the coming weeks!


Snow melt + spring rain = mud (as I'm sure you are well aware with all of the mud that has come home with your children this week), and we put it to good use making mud muffins and cupcakes in the new fort in the Nest, which has also made a perfect home for the babies. Katydid has been busy with fort renovations and moat digging for added security. 


Spring has also marked the return of quiet reflection and journaling. Both Jack-in-the Pulpit and Evergreen took some time to record their reflections of our first official week of Spring at Nature Preschool ; )