Out Like a Lion or Lamb?


It was a blustery end to March and breezy beginning to April. Our wind wands revealed the direction of the gusting wind, as did the fast-moving blowing bubbles we attempted to catch. 


We also noticed subtle differences in the many shades of brown and green around us by  comparing the colors of early Spring to paint chips. The new fort in the Nest continues to be a favorite hangout, and Katydid has been on top of security, digging moats last week and fortifying with knotted rope this week.


At the sudden sound of Worm shouting, “Worms!”, we all rushed over to find the first worms and millipedes of Spring. 

I hope that everyone has a relaxing and rejuvenating break and look forward to seeing you again on the 13th, when we’ll return to a 3-hour session for Spring Nature Camp!

We also listened for the first frogs, and Worm was the first to spot the snowdrops! Many more signs of Spring await to be rediscovered when we return after break.