Sounds of Spring

The sights of Spring have been springing up around us for a few weeks now, but we were much more aware of its sounds this week! From a drumming woodpecker (spotted by D) to a ‘quacking’ wood frog, we’ve been noticing so many different animal sounds. Inspired by this spring symphony of sorts, we accompanied a reading of “In the Tall Tall Grass” with musical instruments. We also mimicked the rain we heard outside, growing from a quiet spring shower to a loud thunderstorm, and talked about piano and forte. Then we explored some other musical concepts by playing fast vs slow tempos and bumpy (staccato) vs smooth (legato). D was drawn to the drum, K to the xylophone, and E to the sandpaper blocks-they made a great percussive trio!

Although we didn’t actually hear its sound, we could imagine it while observing the Great-Horned Owlet near the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. Mom was close by, but very well-camouflaged. This was our longest hike yet, but the Trooper Trappers Team lived up to its name, making it all the way to and through the wildflower garden and back! 


Snack break on the way to Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden.


Stopping to listen to a woodpecker...


Taking a rest in the wildflower garden.


...and look at a beetle!