Nurtured by Nature


Just as “Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one’s soul” (Anthony Douglas Williams), so do our own mothers, whom we celebrate this weekend! To show our appreciation and love, we made cards with ground ivy and dandelions and painted flower pots especially for them-Happy Mother's Day!


Last week, we were lucky enough to see an owlet in the woods. D’s neighbor captured the awe of the moment in this photo...


The mystery of Meristem has been solved! After months of exchanging notes and treasures, we finally caught her in the act! When we returned from a hike, we caught a glimpse of a chipmunk crashing the party we had planned for Meristem, and knew it must have been her all along! Over the course of the school year, everyone has been practicing their deductive reasoning, inquiry skills, and the process of elimination in order to reach this exciting conclusion. See the busy party planners above...


The wonders of nature bring us so much joy!