Pond Dipping

We spent the week discovering and investigating the inhabitants of Anwatin Pond in the school forest. Like scientists who study aquatic invertebrates, we collected specimens from the pond using dip nets. By using pipettes and magnifying glasses at our ‘observation station’, we were able to get an up close look at the tiny living things in our pond that usually go unnoticed. Some of the organisms we discovered can be seen here:  


We also explored the lifecycle of another pond resident and compared the metamorphosis of tadpole to frog to that of a caterpillar to butterfly. Then we all made our own colorful butterflies! Our week ended with the release of a baby painted turtle that had been rescued from the parking lot. Hopefully it will join the other turtles that we saw sunning themselves on logs in the pond. 


Scientists at work! 


Beautiful butterflies ;-)


Observation Station


Goodbye “Paint”!