Time Flies!

So hard to believe that we’re down to only one more week! We made the most of our two days together, squeezing in as much nature play and exploration as possible, while celebrating a birthday for Worm and an early send-off for Dragonfly. There have been several more baby painted turtles found; a visit from “Webber”, the map turtle; and a symbolic release of a swallowtail butterfly that had emerged after over-wintering for 9 months! We also did the hard work of clearing garlic mustard (an invasive species) in order to plant native species in the Nest for our successors to enjoy. The group worked collaboratively and cooperatively to build a safe and cozy home for a June bug they discovered. Can’t wait to continue celebrating next week with another big birthday and graduation festivities-hope you can join us on Thursday!


J & D survey the area to be cleared for planting.

A home for a June bug.

An up close look at “Webber."

See you again soon, D!