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March 24 - 27

Live Streams, Videos and Zooms!


Eagle shares her family's First Flowers predictions. 


Bee keeping with Farmer Bruce.

Teachers have been experimenting and expanding their tech skills to continue community connections for nature kids and families. This week we uploaded more videos to our Nature Prompts for Distance Learning page, hosted a Facebook Live nature preschool program and watch party, and ended the week with a Zoom snack and story time. 

On our Parent-Teachers MNP Facebook group, Farmer Bruce has been making regular appearances to teach us about bee keeping and has been answering the interesting questions our nature kids have about bees and hive life. 

Thank you Farmer Bruce, and thank you families for you continued support during this difficult time for our communities. We love you! 


Quail makes two burr friends on his bike ride. Their names are Woofy and Rabbit!

Hedgehog's seed starter project!

Caterpillar uses recycled materials to build this DIY bird feeder!

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