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March 3 - 6

Making an Impact on Our World

True to our nature, we adapt and change with the environment and seasons around us. In this in between time, teetering between winter and spring, our morning meetings have moved to the picnic tables outside of our school. Students and teachers introduce ideas and prompts for the day and caretaking has become a central theme. Students have shared ways they take care of themselves, each other and the environment. From picking up garbage newly revealed under ice and snow to embodying the values of peace ninjas and kindness leaders to grassroots activism--our nature kids are making an impact on our little preschool world and beyond. 

Caterpillar shares a petition he started to save the car installation as the nature center gears up to dismantle and renovate the exhibit area. 

Mouse signs the petition. It states, "We want to save the car please."


Naturalist Emily opens up more petitions created by Snowflake and Icicle. 


Teacher Erin reads a story about keeping garbage and pollutants out of our water ways. 


Oak Leaf demonstrates how to be a peace ninja to his fellow classmates. This is how we walk calmly in the hallways. 


Snowflake and Ant hold up their full bag of trash proudly!

IMG_3727 2.jpg

A first sign of spring! Mouse and Nest take a closer look at a baby Mullein plant. Everyone takes a turn feeling its soft and fuzzy leaves. We notice how the new growth is a light green color in contrast to the dried up dark green and brown leaves it grows out from. 

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