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Mind in a Jar Experiment

Fill a glass jar with water. Look at it and imagine this is your mind during a quiet moment - clear like the sky. 

Now take a little bit of sand or soil from outside and put it in the jar. Imagine that each tiny grain is one of your thoughts. Some are happy thoughts, some are sad, some are exciting wishes, some are frustrated or angry feelings. 

Put a lid on the jar and shake it up, so that everything swirls around, faster and faster. This is your mind in a hurry. 

Now let everything calm down by letting the jar sit still on a table. This is your mind when you slow down, use your senses to notice what's around you, and when you take deep, mindful breaths. Watch the thoughts settle down to the bottom, leaving your mind clear. 

Now you can act peacefully, because you can think clearly!

*This activity is from the story Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Kerry MacLean

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