I am Pam and I’m so excited to be part of the Minneapolis Nature Preschool community and feel honored to be called to this land. I’m originally from the Boston area but have lived in the west coast and most recently Vermont and the Adirondack mountains of New York. My partner is part of a Dakota family here in Minnesota, so we have decided to start a life here. I’m looking forward to learning the story of this land and it’s waters, and people. In my free time, I love to explore by bike and find secret places in the woods (especially in the Twin Cities where I live) to ground, and connect. I love to dance, sing and learn plant medicine. I have taught children for 15+ years working with preschool to elementary aged children and received my master’s in elementary education a few years back. Needless to say, supporting children on their journeys has been my path!


However, being with children especially outdoors is my passion! I love to see the world through their lens and support their curiousity with more questions as we navigate meaning making together. Being in the woods with kids often doesn’t feel like teaching new but remembering what’s deep inside our bones. I love bringing sacredness and gratitude towards all living things and feeling connected to something greater. Mary Oliver said that, “Attention is the beginning of devotion.” I feel so blessed to be able to bring attention to this land, to your children and to this community. I look forward to a year of magic making and connection!  

Our Class

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Every child at Minneapolis Nature Preschool has a letter link and each student in our class will get to choose their own! A letter link is a symbol that corresponds to the beginning letter and sound of the child's name. Children have a natural attachment to their own names, so letter links provide a way to introduce letter names and sounds in a way that is meaningful to children. We use letter links to label children's journals and other belongings, as well as to inspire enriching and engaging literacy activities!