Week One

The first few days of school were spent building community with one another and the land! We are learning each others names, singing new songs and building a daily routine. We are really settling into our base camp and have been decorating it using chalk and sticks to make it feel like our own. The children are ripe full of questions and curiosities as they’ve been exploring the neighboring forest around base camp.  We discovered a tree with shedding bark and hundreds of “rolly pollys,” we explored our “squishy ball plant,” and lastly we greeted all of the ducks on the pond. While at the pond, Jellyfish shared that she thought the ducks were all going to school. The teacher asked, “What does a duck learn at school?’ Mouse exclaimed, “How to Quack Quack!” What a wonderful playful start to our year!

The class was measuring and splitting sticks in order to finish building our classroom wall!

Jellyfish along with the rest of the class seemed very curious about the "squishy ball” plant. Alligator exclaimed, “It’s spiky.” Frog, and the others all wanted a turn feeling it. After the excitement, they dropped the plant and we heard a “POP!” 


“What do you think is inside?” said the teacher. Rainbow shared, “I think maybe rainbows!” Mouse opened it up only to find another strange looking pod. Mouse smelled it, “It smells weird!” Rainbow smelled it and said, “It kind of smells like peas.” Hmm. “So what plant could it be? said the teacher. “I’m not sure maybe we should find out,” Jellyfish shared. 

The class stopped and posed for a picture at our second check point on our way to base camp.