Week Two

The children are continuing to learn the routines and connect with one another. This is a group who are taking their time settling into their classroom space and tend to want to stay within these bounds. They seem to be learning how to free play in the forest with each other and look to the teacher for direction. I imagine as they feel safe in their routines and expectations, their willingness to take risks and be more engaged in free play will grow. This has truly been a great few days of team building and learning about one another. We have been speaking a lot of what it means to be a friend, and that all the different types of feelings we have are perfect. Creating the feeling language earlier on, gives childrens the common language and opportunity to express themself within their classroom community. I am excited to see this language budding in our group. 

The children acted out different feelings from Todd Parr's, “The Feelings Book.” This book has become a quick classroom favorite! 

The children have been detectives going around the forest looking for signs of fall. While in our outdoor classroom, Frog looked up and exclaimed, "Look at that golden tree!" The children were in awe as this cottonwood glowed so bright next to a bright blue sky. We decided to find this tree and see if it would let us take some of its leaves. We found the tree but noticed that the glow they saw from afar and the leaves it had offered the earth weren't as vibrant. Frog exclaimed,"Let's hold them up to the sun!" The children held them to the sun and noticed their unique glow. :) We have been having fun noticing the color changes in the forest and sharing about the coming seasons. The children are in wonder as we imagine the trees without any leaves when we make our way into winter.

What a sweet time we have had together already!

The children collected various shapes, colors and sizes of the autumn leaves and then strung them on a wire practicing their fine motor skills! Rainbow was proud of her big burdock leaf that she added to her collection. 

Journaling has become a nice exhale to the day as the children practice their mark making skills!