Week Four

It was so nice to be back with the kids this week! We had such a lovely week of connecting to eachother, the spaces around our base camp and the discovering of the oak grove and “mountain". We introduced student jobs this week and the kids seemed excited to have this new added responsiblity. Line leaders, snack helper, journal passer, chime ringer and book chooser are the jobs that we will be rotating throughout the session. Giving students jobs not only helps the community run smoothly but also gives the students a chance to feel empowered! 


Hiking has been another way for the kids to feel empowered. After snack, we have been going on adventures through Theodore Wirth which has been igniting their curiosiites. The children collected acorns, colored leaves and interestingly enough fur. On our walk up the “mountain” to the oak grove, there was fur on the earth’s floor. The children made speculations of what animal it was and the kids were in agreement that it was from a lamb. They started gathering little balls of wool and rolling them together. The children are showing so much wonder and excitment around everything they notice. 


Back at our outdoor classroom, we have been climbing, painting and building an outdoor “kitchen”. The outdoor classroom is a chance for the kids to go deeper in play and really connect with one another. There have been many new friendships forming here. This group seems to always want to stick together in their play as they seem to enjoy eachothers company. We have also been singing some seasonal songs at meeting which they have really enjoyed. Ask them to sing them to you! They have them down.:)


The books that have been getting the most interest have been about feelings. This week we read, “The Color Monster,” by Anna Llenas which is about sorting throught the many feelings we have. Again, this language has really helped when there have been any conflicts within the group. 


Thank you again for sharing your children! They continually inspire me:)

Frog and her peers “cooked” in our play kitchen that the kids set up. We had many different muffin and cupcake varieties including chocolate chip and rainbow. 

We set up an art space by our base camp, and each child took a turn painting. Each child explored the painting invitation in their own way. Mouse spent a long time using her paints to make a self portrait while Frog and Rainbow enjoyed mixing paints and experiencing the different colors on the paper. 

A large log that had fallen in between two trees became a “playground” for the kids. They each took turns getting to the top. Some kids got to the top on the first try while others took their time watching the others and then giving it a try.  

Autumn climbed the neighboring tree to get up as high as mouse. “I think we are the same,” Autumn exclaimed.

We did a lot of hiking this week and discoverd “the mountain.” The children loved climbing up to the top and rolling, scooting or running down.