Welcome Winter!!

We had quite the wet week! We excitingly got to witness the first cold and snowy day together on Tuesday and spent our day hiking up to one of our new favorite spots in the pine forest. It is a fort another group built under giant pine trees with the earth covered in pine needles. To get to this spot, we had to climb up a steep area of the park and the children did great!  They are pro-hikers now and seem to enjoy these treks. The fort or as Jellyfish calls it, “the porcupine home,” has been used for playing “house" and “family". The area around the fort has a lot of downed pine trees that the children just love to climb on and challenge themselves to shimmy to the top. They continue to impress me with their perseverance in hikes, climbing and now embracing all weather. 


A new addition to their day and the program is the ice house. It’s a big pop up tent that offers shelter during the colder days. Each group gets about an hour inside with various fine motor type activities (beading, building, puzzles etc) are set up. It is optional but does feel like a nice respite for the kids when they need to get cozy. Masks are mandatory inside, so we are helping the children learn how to put on their masks and keep them on. A goal for the class is independence and learning responsibility for their own things. We are working on making sure  hats, mittens, water bottles and other items are making it into their backpack. This takes a lot of verbal checks throughout the day so slowly it will become part of the routine. The children's job responsibilities continue to add a sense of accomplishment too as well as service to our classroom community.They take their jobs very seriously and remind each other periodically which job they have.


We are looking forward to more wacky weather as it really bonds us as a group, offers an interesting new landscape to explore and question, makes us feel strong and resilient and gives us an opportunity to breathe in the fresh air! 


Every day is different and yet always full of awe inspiring beauty here at nature school!!

The first snow angels of nature preschool! What a glorious winter wonderland. 

Alligator building with blocks in our new icehouse!

Jellyfish and teacher Pam making a “fire” by spraying watercolor paints on snow. We sure needed the warmth!

The class stays busy while waiting out the thunder snow using magnets, puzzles and drawing with markers!