Where Do Animals Go in the Winter?

Because of the morning frost, we were able to make out a handful of animal tracks very clearly. We followed them as much as we could until we got to some leaves and the tracks were no longer visible. We’ve been wondering about the animals living in our forest and also where they go for the winter. The kids were fascinated to read about various insects seeking shelter in fallen logs and also about turtles who bury themselves under mud and under ice in the winter! We talked about the geese that we saw swimming in the pond just a few months ago and wondered where they had gone. A few of the children thought they might join the turtles and fish under the ice and after much conversing, Rainbow shouted “they have wings so they could fly somewhere.” We talked about flying to warm places and L exclaimed, “like Florida?” and Frog jumped in, “or California.”

We did a lot of hiking this week and even discovered a new area that we called the peace chair as there is a few stumps with a sweet peace sign drawn on!

With the recent thaw, we have been seeing soo many tracks in the mud, especially deer! 

The children added more decoration and imagination to the pine fort. They built a doorway that only kids could use, using the pine log. They also organized the fort into different rooms; the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom etc.