Week 3

We had a pleasant week! Alyson subbed the first half with just a few kids and then Mouse and myself returned back. Rainbow, L and Mouse spent the first part of the morning playing in the the Play area with various stumps, forts and big downed logs. Their imagination went wild. 

We all were on a boat and the Mouse yelled, “Shark!” We all hopped back on quickly. As we were getting away from the shark, we collected “fish” to throw to the shark. L found shark bones and Rainbow discovered turtle bones. We also met a whole pod of whales. What fun! We look forward to more experiences in this space. 

On our hike, we noticed the pond was frozen and heard hockey players skating in it! We went down to the ice to watch and to our astonished their were 20+ big sticks scattered on the frozen pond! The pond was indeed frozen. We are looking forward to going on the ice in the next few months. 

We have introduced a new special area that Rainbow calls “the tree forest” on our explorations. It’s a little depression in the land that causes a bowl shape and is surrounded by hemlock, spruce and many downed trees. We are working to build a fort in this magical space.
Happy weekend! 

We climbed, rocked, and jumped from stump to stump in our play area! 

We took turns rocking the “boat” back and forth, pretending we were in the middle of the ocean. We caught some fish and barely escaped a shark. 

L shows the special little treasure we received from a fairy named Heartwood. Underneath, this little door are special wooden eggs.