Week 4

We had a lovely week full of imaginative play, singing and exploring! 


We have started singing a favorite song called, “My Roots go Down,” but we added a little spin on it as we are learning about what animals do in the winter. Here is what they came up with;

1. I am a bear hibernating

2. I am fox hunting for some mice

3. I am a fish swimming under ice

4. I am a snake buried in the ground 

5. I am a turtle buried under mud 


We discovered yet another magical area the children  called, “Moss Garden.” It is an area with many downed trees that make a circle shape and a plethora of moss. In this space, the children became moss children and created a whole house with rooms. It was so sweet to see them loving and caring for the moss and forming a relationship with it. 


An exciting happening will take place next Thursday as we are going to have a little winter solstice celebration with another class. The children have raked, kicked and shuffled their way through the leaves to create a large spiral for the spiral walk. Throughout the week, other classes will add objects to the spiral to create a beautiful, intentional space for reflection and quiet. At the event Thursday, our group will be offering solstice songs and there will also be lantern making.. In order to prepare for this event we read a beautiful book called, “Swirl By Swirl” which points out all the plants, animals and elements that create a spiral.. so beautiful! we look forward to having the spiral in the forest throughout nature school and watching it’s many iterations. 


Looking forward to next week! 

The children added some mulch to our new “Princess Elm” tree. Later on, they found pine needles, flower petals and stones to give the tree some more decoration! 

During our exploration, we discovered a beautiful area with lots of moss. The children  called this area “Moss Garden.” They proceeded to use the moss as pillows, medicine, and even made little moss beds. What a sweet relationship they are forming with the sweet moss!

We started making our spiral in the leaves as we prepare for our winter solstice spiral walk. Here we are enjoying snack in the middle of the spiral!