Solstice Week

We had such a magical week at Nature School! We spent most of the week singing winter solstice songs, collecting pine and spruce bough to decorate the spiral, and hiking the forest! 


To prepare for our solstice celebration, our group decorated the spiral with bark, boughs and pinecones. Then we wrapped colored string around the neighboring trees and attached ornaments and leaves. It was beautiful! 


We started our celebration with a brief yoga sun salutation! Then each group walked the spiral as we sung our solstice songs and shook our shakers. Then the children used hole punchers to punch holes for their paper lanterns. What a lovely honoring and celebration of the suns return! 

Here were a few songs we sung:


We are Spiraling 


We are spiraling into the center

The center of the wheel



We are the weavers, we are the woven ones

We are the dreamers, we are the dream



We are Circling 


We are circling,circling together

We are singing, singing our heart song 


This is family

This is unity

This is celebration

This is sacred


Zoom Gali / It’s the Longest Night of the Year 


One part:

Zoom Gali Gali Gali, Zoom Gali Gali 




Second part:

It’s the longest night of the year 

And the darkness is drawing us near

So we light our candle and it burns

To remind us the sun will return


I hope you have a beautiful holiday and looking forward to the new year!! 

Rainbow and Ladybug work together to move the pine bough to the solstice spiral!

Ladybug and Rainbow decorate the solstice spiral with the evergreens!

Ladybug spirals the colored string around the tree, giving the trees some celebratory cheer!