Fantastic Foxes

This week was very foxy indeed! At the beginning of the week, we found a fort in the woods and made it into our foxes den. Then we played fox and coyote where one child was coyote and was trying to catch and eat the foxes. We talked about how fox children are called kits and are born around this time in their dens. Some children became kits and others moms and dads. When it came time for the chase, the “foxes and coyotes,” found a steep hill to climb up and then slid down on their stomachs and bums. This hill became a favorite sliding hill for the week. Later in the week, we got to enjoy it with another group and we had quite the laughs.

The fort we discovered in the woods that became “the den.”

Jellyfish goes backwards down the hill. 

Back at base camp, we started singing a new fox song to the tune of “Ants Go Marching!” 


The fox goes marching to their den hooray hooray (2)

Verse 1:

The fox goes marching to their den to cuddle their kit, they’re children ten 

And they all go marching down to the ground to get out of the cold


Verse 2;

The fox goes marching to their den to eat the bunnies, mice and hen

To hide from coyote once again 


We also talked about measuring to understand the size of a fox and their tail. We measured each child against a tree using different color yarn to distinguish each child and then showed them the height of the red fox.They were astonished to know how small in height a fox is (about 16inches)! Then we talked about length and took yarn to measure 3 feet and attached it to two trees. The kids wanted this fox to have legs and a tail and soon they were weaving bark and spruce boughs for skin.

Yarn fox with stick legs a tail and bark and spruce boughs for skin. 

The children found a log that was balancing on a stump and made it into a see saw:)

Our final excitement for the week was finding ice gems around the woods that were made with food coloring, water and balloons. The children hunted for them and found quite a few!  They studied the gems and cracked and smashed them by throwing them on a stump. Beautiful shapes and pieces were made and then used for a rainbow trail and later a fairy village. 

The rainbow trail!